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I regularly share these findings and my own experiences as a bilingual mum at workshops and informal talks for parents, educators, teacher trainees, expats and anyone with a general interest in bilingualism. See below for dates.

Since 2014 I have been working with colleagues at, an (inter)active centre about multilingual children for parents and professionals. This centre is run by colleagues at De Taalstudio and is also a branch of Bilingualism Matters. I have been a member of the editorial committee for the website since 2013, and I sometimes writing blogs for them. Click here for a link to a blog piece about bilingual siblings.

upcoming and previous events

Tweetalige opvoeding: Hoe behoud je de thuistaal?
Workshop at Radboud University, October 4th, 2017

Kletskoppen: kindertaalfestival
Bibliotheek De Mariënburg, Nijmegen, October 28th --- a day all about child
language for all the family with experiments, science demos, talks, readings, and
much more.  More info about the programme

Twee talen in één hoofd: Kindercollege
Do you speak English? Bijna idereen in Nederland spreekt Engels, maar wist je dat er ook veel andere talen gesproken worden in ons land? Wat doet het eigenlijk met je als je meer dan twee talen in je hoofd hebt zitten? Het antwoord op deze en andere vragen geef ik zaterdag 10 maart tijdens een kindercollege in één van de Nijmeegse bibliotheken.

a selection of previous talks and workshops

Mythes en feiten over meertaligheid, Early Bird Good Practices Day, Rotterdam, March 2016

Maintaining the home language: Some do’s and don’ts
Plenary talk at the children’s programme at
DRONGO language festival, September 2015, Utrecht

Talk at Global Lounge, Radboud University, March 2016

Raising bilingual children -- workshop at Radboud University, April 2015

Panel member at session on multilingual children at school, Meertalige school, veelzijdige leerlingen?
DRONGO festival, Amsterdam city library, 2014

Mythes en feiten over meertaligheid, Workshops at conference on Early English (vvto)
Organised by European Platform, Ede, 2014

Workshops on raising bilingual children -- Utrecht University, 2008-2014

Meertalig opvoeden: Hoe doe je dat? Plenary talk at DRONGO festival, Amsterdam city library, 2012

Invited co-organisor of session on policy about multilingualism
Meertaligheidsbeleid, naar een agenda voor de toekomst, Anéla Spring study day, 2011

Meertaligheid Matters, Plenary talk at annual Onze Taal conference, Beatrix Theater, Utrecht, 2009
Talk was published as article in Onze Taal magazine in 2010 and is available via
It was also translated into Frisian to be used as a text in the 2012 final exam for the equivalent of A-level Frisian!


Raising a child bilingually

... is not always an easy task. Believe me, I know, I’m raising bilingual children as well as researching them! Research has however shown that raising children bilingually can have many advantages. Indeed, bringing up a bilingual child can be an exciting and rewarding experience, but it can sometimes require patience and self-discipline. It can also raise many questions. While we do not (yet) know the answers to all these questions, there are several clear-cut findings which have emerged from research with bilingual children in the past years.