New paper assessing the validity of the Cross-Linguistic Lexical Task as a measure of bilingual language proficiency

My former intern and research assistant, Elise van Wonderen, and I have a new paper coming out in the Journal of Child Language. In this paper we use the Dutch and Spanish versions of the Crosslinguistic Lexical Task (Haman, Łuniewska & Pomiechowska, 2015) to compare the language development of monolingual Dutch-speaking children, monolingual Spanish-speaking children […]

New paper on the impact siblings on the language development of bilingual toddlers

Together with my former MA student, Danai Tsinivits, we just had a paper accepted for a special issue of the journal Applied Psycholinguistics on Capturing and quantifying individual differences in bilingualism. Our study used parental report data to investigate the language development of bilingual toddlers growing up with Greek and Dutch as their two languages […]