Teaching & Supervision

Courses 2022-2023

  • Multilingualism in Europe (themacursus) BA
  • Child bilingualism, (Research) MA


I regularly supervise theses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level on a variety of topics relating to bilingual and second language acquisition. I am currently (co-) supervising the following PhD students:

  • Figen Karaca, on predictive processing and cross-linguistic influence in bilingual Turkish-Dutch children, funded by CLS; Figen’s main supervisor is Susanne Brouwer and her promotor is Falk Hüttig;
  • Elly Koutmanis, on lexical access in bilingual children, funded by NWO VIDI grant; Elly’s second supervisor is Gerrit Jan Kootstra and her promotor is Ton Dijkstra.
  • Clara Kunst, on priming and cross-linguistic influence in bilingual English-Irish children, funded by IMPRS; Evan Kidd is co-supervisor and promotor, and Caroline Rowland is the second promotor.
  • Joyce van Zwet, on Dutch as a heritage language in bilingual French-Dutch and German-Dutch children, funded by CLS; Joyce’s main supervisor is Eva Knopp and her promotor is Rob Schoonen.

Previous students:

Chantal van Dijk defended her PhD thesis in September 2021. Her promotor was Ton Dijkstra. In the same year, she worked as post-doc in our group on the 2in1 project. In February 2022, she joined the SILPAC project as a post-doc in Stuttgart and Braunschweig.

Ellen van den Broek defended her PhD thesis in October 2020. Her main supervisor was Helma Oolbekkink-Marchand and her promotors Pauline Meijer and Ans van Kemenade. She is now content designer at the educational publishers ThiemeMeulenhoff.

Claire Goriot defended her PhD thesis in February, 2019. Her main supervisor was Mirjam Broersma and her promotors Roeland van Hout and James McQueen. She is currently teacher-researcher at Hogeschool KPZ in Zwolle.

Jan Willem Chevalking, on the development of metalinguistic awareness in children attending bilingual primary education, funded by NWO lerarenbeurs; Jan Willem’s promotor is Roeland van Hout. Update Summer 2022: Due to personal circumstances, Jan Willem unfortunately made the difficult decision to quit his PhD before completion. We are working on a paper where we will present at least some of the results from his project.


Our group regularly offers internships on various topics relating to bilingual (language) development, bilingual parenting, science engagement and related issues. Want to find out about current possibilities? Send me an email to sharon dot unsworth at ru dot nl.