Introducing the Kletsheads podcast

I’ve been a keen podcast listener for quite a few years. If I’m completely honest, my listening has mainly been restricted to BBC Radio 4 programmes and their spin-offs, but over the past year or so I’ve spread my podcast wings and started to listen to a wider variety, from the now classic American Serial […]

The 2in1 project is hiring!

At the 2in1 project we’re currently looking for students (or recent graduates) to help with various research projects testing bilingual and monolingual children. In particular, we’re looking for native speakers of Dutch, German and Turkish. We’re also looking for a (Research) Masters student to help out with coding and analysing some sentence repetition data. All […]

New paper on language use, language proficiency and cognitive control

Josje Verhagen, Elise de Bree and I just heard that our paper “Effects of bilingual language use and language proficiency on 24-month-olds’ cognitive control” has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Cognition and Development. Hurrah! In this paper, which is very much Josje’s work, we show that cognitive control performance in bilingual toddlers […]