Kletskoppen én Kletsheads deze week in de vpro gids!

Deze week sta ik — net zoals Hillary Clinton (!) — in de vpro gids (editie 13, 28 maart t/m 3 april) met een rapportage over meertaligheid, met daarin uitgebreid verslag van het Kletskoppen kindertaalfestival dat onlangs in Nijmegen heeft plaatsgevonden en veel aandacht voor mijn podcast, Kletsheads. Supercool! Hier vind je de hele tekst […]

How should we measure bilingual experience? Have your say!

How should bilingual experience be measured? What common measures of language experience should be used to allow comparability between studies? To what extent can/should researchers and practitioners (teachers, speech and language therapists) use the same measures to describe the children they work with? These are central questions in the Q-BEx project (Quantifying Bilingual Experience: Optimising tools […]

New paper showing that bilingual English-Dutch children sometimes accept V2 in English, especially when they have more exposure to Dutch

Jasmijn Bosch (University Milano Bicocca) and I have a new paper on cross-linguistic influence, which has just been accepted for publication in Linguistic Approaches to Bilingualism. In this study, we find both quantitative and qualitative differences between bilingual children and their monolingual peers. More specifically, we find that bilingual English-Dutch children accept ungrammatical V2 sentences […]

Paper by Ellen van den Broek accepted for publication

One of my PhD students, Ellen van den Broek, has had her second paper accepted for publication in The Language Learning Journal. It’s about stimulating language awareness in the foreign language classroom and involves a qualitative analysis of teachers’ self-reported practices. Congratulations, Ellen! Here’s the complete reference, DOI to follow once the paper’s online: Broek, […]