How should we measure bilingual experience? Have your say!

How should bilingual experience be measured? What common measures of language experience should be used to allow comparability between studies? To what extent can/should researchers and practitioners (teachers, speech and language therapists) use the same measures to describe the children they work with? These are central questions in the Q-BEx project (Quantifying Bilingual Experience: Optimising tools for educators, clinicians and researchers). Funded by the ESRC in the UK, this 3-year project (2019-2022) is a collaboration between researchers at Leeds University (Cécile De Cat, Draško Kašćelan & Arief Gusnanto), Reading Univeristy (Ludovica Serratrice), the University of Tours (Philippe Prévost & Laurie Tuller) and Radboud University (me!). The first stage involves a Delphi Consensus Survey. What do know more? Check out our call for panellists.