Het Q-BEx project zoekt een testleider voor feb t/m juni

Heb je al ervaring met het testen van kinderen en spreek je Nederlands als moedertaal of op hoog niveau? Zou je graag meer willen leren over meertalige taalontwikkeling en hier tegelijkertijd voor betaald willen worden? We zoeken gemotiveerde studenten (2e of 3e jaars BA of MA) die ons willen helpen om het validatieonderzoek van het Q-BEx project […]

PhD positions at CLS: I am not available as potential supervisor

Our research institute, the Centre for Language Studies at Radboud University, currently has vacancies for two PhD positions. Part of the application procedure involves finding a potential supervisor to write a declaration of approval. I am already supporting one candidate and am therefore no longer available as a potential supervisor in this year’s round. Good […]

New paper on cross-linguistic influence during online processing in bilingual children

In one of the few papers investigating online processing in bilingual children, Chantal Van Dijk, Ton Dijkstra and I found evidence for syntactic co-activation of overlapping structures in the form of inhibition during listening. More specifically, we found that bilingual German-Dutch children were more likely to slow down when processing structures in Dutch which overlapped […]

How should we measure bilingual experience? Have your say!

How should bilingual experience be measured? What common measures of language experience should be used to allow comparability between studies? To what extent can/should researchers and practitioners (teachers, speech and language therapists) use the same measures to describe the children they work with?┬áThese are central questions in the Q-BEx project (Quantifying Bilingual Experience: Optimising tools […]