€200,000 for Kletskoppen child language festival

Just before the Christmas holidays, we received the kind of present scientists love to receive at any time of the year, but after the rollercoaster ride that was 2020, this one came as an especially welcome gift: a message saying that Kletskoppen – the child language festival we’ve been organising in Nijmegen for a few years now – is going to receive a grant from the Nationale Wetenschapsagenda (the Dutch Research Agenda programme, part of NWO, the Dutch Research Council). With this grant, we’re going to take the festival on the road to different parts of the country (The Hague, Rivierenland (part of the province Gelderland, where Nijmegen is located), and Parkstad Limburg). We’ll be adapting the activities we already have and developing new ones in collaboration with colleages from other universities and with societal partners who work with disadvantaged families, monolingual and bilingual. This is a great chance for us to further develop the work we’ve done so far, and I couldn’t be prouder! Read more about the project, the funding programme, and the other projects that will also start this year at the Dutch Research Council’s website, and in this press release from our Faculty.